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Honorary President: Sasha Johnson Manning

Rehearsal Tracks

This page lists a number of websites offering a variety of rehearsal tracks for the music Hardynge Choir will be singing in the next concert.

Victoria - O magnum mysterium

Corpus Christi Watershed


This site offers a complete set of YouTube videos and MP3 files for all parts together, and in your voice part, but you have to be online to listen to them. All tracks are sung by singers, not synthesised, and the track in your voice part is louder than the other voices. The YouTube videos are good because you can follow the score as the music progresses.

EQUAL VOICES : YouTube   •   Mp3 Audio

SOPRANO :          YouTube   •   Audio

ALTO :                  YouTube   •   Audio

TENOR :               YouTube   •   Audio

BASS :                  YouTube   •   Audio

JohnF’s Rehearsal Files


You need to be logged in with the appropriate membership subscription to access these files: Free in this case as the work is out-of-copyright.  Click on REGISTRATION (free) or LOGIN (as appropriate), and then click on the mp3 file for your voice part.

Robin’s MIDI File Store


Scroll down the page to close to the bottom of the table to find O Magnum Mysterium Victoria and click on your voice part.

The Silvis Woodshed


The MIDI files have all the choral parts together (with no accompaniment) and are constant velocity. Scroll down to Tomas Luis de Victoria - 1611, near the bottom on the page, to see three offerings on different instruments (I have not checked whether they follow Edición Jose Miguel Galán).  

Pettman - Love Came Down at Christmas



This site, a great resource for information about choral music, has a midi file of all voice parts together. This is a MIDI file; click on the                   icon to hear the track or download and save it, or click on this link:




This site gives the words to Christina Rossetti’s poem. If you don’t hear the tune of all voice parts played on the piano click where it says (top right corner), or click on this link


Holst - Four Old English Carols

JohnF’s Rehearsal Files


You need to be logged in with the appropriate membership subscription to access these files: it’s free as the work is out-of-copyright. Click on the link below for each carol, then the mp3 file for your voice part.

A Babe is Born: https://johnfletchermusic.org/babe-is-born-holstg

Now Let Us Sing: https://johnfletchermusic.org/now-let-us-sing-holstg

Jesu, Thou the Virgin-born: https://johnfletchermusic.org/jesu-thou-the-virgin-born-holstg

The Saviour of the World is Born:



Choir of New College Oxford conducted by Edward Higginbottom - superb performance.

A Babe is Born: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ms5ArQt54c4

Now Let Us Sing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqCcHS2hoYk

Jesu, Thou the Virgin-born: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXmaqD0W9No

The Saviour of the World is Born: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UVdWeYjFW0