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Rehearsal Tracks

This page lists a number of websites offering a variety of rehearsal tracks for the music Hardynge Choir will be singing in upcoming concerts.  These sites are not listed in any particular order.

Vaughan Williams - A Sea Symphony

Learn choral Music


This site gives a complete set of Midi Files for this Work.  You can download and save the tracks to your computer and can play them without having to be online.

For more about Players, and using Tablets and Smartphones, click on Playing Midi Files. This page describes various software packages for playing Midi files,



This site offers a complete set of MP3 files of each movement in your voice part, but you have to be online to listen to them. The main technology is named Virtual Singer (VS), as lyrics are also "sung" by electronically-synthesized human voices. It offers each movement in three different levels:

  1. Voice with metronome - that help to learn the "tempo" and to understand the score,
  2. Emphasised voice and other voices - the individual part is emphasized at a higher volume
  3. All voices.

The site recommends that initially, the singer should learn their part using the first two levels, and then to test their knowledge of the music by singing over the third-level audio track.


This site allows you to listen to a synthesised track of each movement in your voice part, but you have to be online to listen to them.



ChoraLine rehearsal aids can now be purchased in two different formats:

* Learn to sing your notes perfectly with the ChoraLine app

YouTube Videos

Vaughan Williams: A Sea Symphony (1989 recording)


Felicity Lott (soprano), Jonathan Summers (baritone)

London Philharmonic Choir, Cantilena

London Philharmonic Orchestra

Bernard Haitink: Conductor

Follow the score:

00:00 - 1: A Song for All Seas, All Ships (baritone, soprano, and chorus)

20:58 - 2: on the Beach at Night, Alone (baritone and chorus)

33:02 - 3: Scherzo: The Waves (chorus)

40:00 - 4: The Explorers (baritone, soprano, semi-chorus, and chorus)

Vaughan Williams: A Sea Symphony (BBC Proms 2013)


Sally Matthews (soprano), Roderick Williams (baritone)

BBC Proms Youth Choir, BBC Symphony Chorus,

BBC Symphony Orchestra,

Sakari Oramo: conductor