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Rehearsal Tracks

Gabriel Fauré - Requiem

Choral Music Practice Files


Forty four synthesised tracks in alphabetical order (not the order of performance).  Each voice part is recorded at normal volume and all other parts are recorded at half-volume to enable the listener to hear their own part louder than all others, while still being able to hear the others in the background.



This site offers a complete set of MP3 files of each movement in your voice part, but you have to be online to listen to them. It offers each movement in three different levels:

  1. Voice with metronome - that help to learn the "tempo" and to understand the score,
  2. Emphasised voice and other voices - the individual part is emphasized at a higher volume
  3. All voices.



ChoraLine rehearsal aids can now be purchased in two different formats:

* Learn to sing your notes perfectly with the ChoraLine app



This site allows you to listen to a synthesised track of each movement in your voice part, but you have to be online to listen to them. These are MIDI files.

JohnF’s Rehearsal Files


You need to be logged in with the appropriate membership subscription to access these files: Free in this case as the work is out-of-copyright.  Click on REGISTRATION (free) or LOGIN (as appropriate), and then click on the mp3 file for your voice part.

John's Midi File Choral Music site


This site gives a complete set of Midi Files for this Work.  You can download and save the tracks to your computer, and can then play them without having to be online. John points out that there are several different versions of this Work, and several different Scores - which broadly follow either the Novello scheme or the Rutter/OUP scheme. The version we are singing is closest to the Novello scheme, so click on the above link to see a "clickable" table of the available "Novello-type" Midi Files for this Work.

Please note that in sections 2, 3 and 6 the Tenors or Basses have not been divided.

The Silvis Woodshed

The MIDI files were sequenced by George Silvis and have only the choral parts (ie, no accompaniment) and are constant velocity.

Requiem  Introit & Kyrie (only) http://gasilvis.net/mids/faurreq1.mid

Unfortunately the link to the complete Requiem Opus 42, is broken.

St Mary's Singers choir


This directory of training tracks is provided by the St Mary's Singers choir (New South Wales) for the benefit of the global choral community to learn how to sing this music.

The majority of tracks are available to hear in MP3 format, however some are midi files. Click on the name of the part (blue) to play the MP3 in your browser. Right-click on the part name to get a popup menu allowing you to download the MP3 file. Click on the YouTube icon to the left of the name to view the score on YouTube as you hear the track.

YouTube Videos

There are numerous competent performances of this Work on YouTube. A good one by a large Choir is by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, Conductor Robert Shaw:


An excellent one by a smaller Choir is by the Ensemble Orchestral de Paris, Choeur Accentus, under Laurence Equilbey: